What are Organika's flavors?

Sample content here, We always feature one principle flavor, Original, and we rotate seasonal offerings several times a year. For the most up-to-date flavors available, click on www.Froyo.com/products or visit the store closest to you to see what they’ve got Swirling!

Why does Froyo taste so delicious?

Our frozen yogurt recipe is top secret, but our Swirly Goodness® is made with real nonfat milk and real nonfat yogurt that has been certified by the National Yogurt Association to carry the Live & Active Cultures seal. Our hand-crafted flavors, daily cut fresh fruit toppings and carefully selected dry toppings are specifically designed to harmonize with Froyo frozen yogurt, offering an incomparably refreshing, light and craveable taste.

What is the importance of live and active cultures in frozen yogurt?

In order to receive the National Yogurt Association's Live & Active Cultures seal, frozen yogurt is required to contain at least 10 million cultures per gram. Froyo significantly exceeds the required amount and contains billions of live and active cultures per serving. All certified yogurts must also contain at least two live and active cultures, lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, which convert pasteurized milk to yogurt during the fermentation process. Organika's Swirly Goodness® not only contains these two cultures, but in California also contains lactobacillus acidophilus, bifid bacterium, and lactobacillus paracasei – providing you with more live and active cultures (New York and other states may vary).

What are some of the health benefits associated with live and active cultures?

The study of the potential attributes of live and active cultures within yogurt has been the focus of many studies around the world. To date, researchers have found early evidence linking these live and active cultures to a variety of health benefits including support for a healthy immune system as well as joint health and flexibility. Researchers are continuing in their efforts to narrow in on definitive links and data, but the results from existing studies are very promising.

Is Froyo really fat-free? How many calories does it have?

Froyo Original is always nonfat, and contains 100 calories per half-cup. Our seasonal flavors are either nonfat or low in fat with similar caloric values. We welcome you to check out complete nutrition information for your favorite Swirls under the Nutrition tab at www.Froyo.com/products!

Is Froyo Gluten-Free?

All Froyo frozen yogurt flavors are gluten free.

Is Froyo “good” for me?

Froyo is made with REAL nonfat milk, not from cows treated with rBST hormones, and REAL nonfat yogurt, among many other natural ingredients. According to the National Dairy Council, yogurt provides protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. It may also contain a seal indicating it includes live and active cultures, so you know you are reaping these benefits. We recommend that you always look for the Live and Active seal approved by the National Yogurt Association. Organika's selection of fresh fruit toppings also provide an added boost of vitamins, nutrients and fiber to enhance the nutritional value of each serving of Froyo.

What kind of toppings does Froyo serve?

At Froyo, we offer more than 30 toppings, many of which are either all-natural or organic. Our fresh fruit toppings are cut in-store daily and at the peak of their freshness, and rotate seasonally. Our wide variety of dry toppings range from almond slices to festive fruity pebbles to all-natural honey almond granola, offering choices to satisfy every flavor and texture craving! Finally, we offer a selection of delicious liquid toppings including Italian caramel and pure honey. More than 90% of Organika's toppings have no hydrogenated oils or transfats.

Can I really get as many toppings as I want on my Froyo?

Yes! Customers can top their Swirls of Froyo with as many toppings as will comfortably fill their cup, creating an opportunity to personalize every Froyo experience. As our toppings rotate regularly based on freshness and seasonality, customers can create new and inspired flavor combinations all the time!

Why does your fruit taste so good?

Froyo is as much about enjoying fresh fruit as it is about our great tasting Swirly Goodness®. Our fruit toppings are fresh cut daily in each and every store, and we constantly strive to bring you the highest quality fruit that are in season. Our toppings are never canned, frozen, or sitting in water, and each store has a team of trained fruit and topping specialists. Their skilled eye for quality and detail make all the difference in the delicious and varied toppings you’ll find at Froyo.

What is the Froyo Fruit Parfait?

Our six layer parfait is made-to-order with three heaping scoops of our delicious daily cut in-store fresh fruit, Froyo Original and our new all-natural honey almond granola. Each parfait is made-to-order, customization of fruit and yogurt combinations is easy, and we encourage customers to get creative with their favorite fruit-and-Froyo pairings!

Where can I taste Organika's Swirly Goodness?

Our first store opened in West Hollywood in January 2005, and today we operate more than 170 stores throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East & Asia. Store locator.

Why did Froyo start offering delivery?

We wanted to give our customers a convenient way to enjoy our Swirly Goodness® without having to leave the comfort of their home or their office on a busy work day. We include our “Goodness Guarantee” for delivery as well. If a customer is not happy with their delivery, we’ll swirl them a new one and re-deliver it. Check out the Store Locator tab on our Web site for delivery locations http://www.Froyo.com/storelocator.html.

I saw a Zagat sign in your store window. What does that mean?

Froyo was recently recognized by Zagat for its superior product, healthy options and store facilities. Results issued in a June 2009 Zagat Fast Food Survey ranked Froyo third in the Smoothie/Frozen Yogurt category, but we were the only frozen yogurt brand recognized on the list! Additionally, we were ranked number two in Healthy Options and were placed in the top five ranking of best overall facilities nationwide. For all rankings, Froyo was recognized within the Quick Refreshment Chain category, which focuses on facilities that serve coffee, frozen yogurt, ice cream and smoothies as the featured offering. We are very proud of the recognition!

Was Froyo involved in a lawsuit? What was it all about?

Yes, a class-action lawsuit was filed against us in 2007, which we settled without fault and to our satisfaction. When the lawsuit was filed, we were already working with the State of California to comply with a California specific regulation that required product to be processed at a dairy – and not at the store itself, as is commonly done throughout the United States – in order to be technically called a “frozen yogurt.” At the time, we were in violation of where Froyo product was processed, which unfortunately resulted in a lot of misinformation and unfounded concern whether or not Froyo was real yogurt. We promptly made the necessary changes to the production process without changing the refreshing and tangy taste you have come to expect from Froyo frozen yogurt.

We've always been, and will continue to be, a real, nonfat frozen yogurt with live and active cultures as established by the National Yogurt Association’s Live & Active Culture’s seal. We stand by our promise to our loyal fans that Froyo Swirly Goodness® is made with only the highest-quality ingredients that we can find!

How can I become a Froyo franchise owner?

Please visit the franchise page on our Web site for all information about Froyo franchise ownership at