Honey Lavender Bloom :
Purple Lavender, organic honey ,green tea and just the right amount of spice.
Ice Ice Berry :
Raspberry, Red berries, Tea and basil.
Guava Spice :
GUAVA, guava and tea with some spicy chilli.
Mango-Pea :
Mango tea and peach.
Blood Passion :
Passion fruit, tea and blood orange.
Apricotine :
Apricot, French vanilla and tea.
Heat Buster :
Tender coconut water, fresh lime and refreshing mint. back


Chocolate Mania :
Chocolate cookie, white chocolate and oats.
Tiramisu :
Espresso, hint of dark chocolate and French vanilla froyo.
Choco Demon :
Chocolate chips and chocolate froyo.
Almond Oreo Crunch :
Crunchy Oreo cookie, almonds and white chocolate.
Black and Brown :
Snickers, kit-kat,gems and brownies.
Chocolate Banana :
Banana's vanilla froyo and chocolate hazelnut.


Nutty Banana :
Yellow banana, Hazelnut, macadamia nut and caramel latte.
Apple Crumble :
Apple, cookie crust, cinnamon and toffee.
Kiddie Wonder :
Cotton candy, gum and vanilla froyo.
Caramel Frappe :
Hazelnut chocolate, Hazelnut, coffee and milk.
Pineapple Freeze :
Coconut milk, pineapple and tea.
Fruity Green Tea :
Mixed berries, peach, banana, vanilla froyo and green tea.
Thai Chai Spice Latte :
Vanilla bean, spices, milk and black tea with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Thai Lychee Coconut :
Lychee syrup, coconut milk and black tea.
Thai Mango Coconut :
Mango, coconut milk and black tea.
Dry Fruits :
Dried dates,almonds,cashews and vanilla froyo.